“The Rural Change-maker of Janwar”
Ulrike Reinhard is a German publisher, author, digital nomad and futurist. he has also been editor of WE Magazine and has written for Think Quarterly.
Born in 1960, Reinhard studied business administration at the University of Mannheim. After graduating, she spent over 10 years investigating new media developments in Italy and the United States.
She co-founded DNA digital, a 2008-2010 initiative in Germany that aimed to foster dialogue between the “Internet Generation” and business leaders regarding the world of work.
She published and contributed to Reboot_D – Digital Democracy, a 2009 compilation of articles and interviews about the way the internet is shaping and transforming society and politics in Germany. She is best known for her skate-park in Madhya Pradesh, Janwaar Castle. She founded a skate-park in Janwaar in Madhya Pradesh, called Janwaar Castle, where one of the main rules to use the rink is “no school, no skateboarding” and which encourages girls to use the rink. The rink has had a positive effect in helping to encourage girls to be involved in physical activities and has reduced violence between the Adivasi and Yadav castes in the area. Young people in the village also learn English, how to paint, create 3D models, learn life skills, music and dance.
The skate-park is 4,843 square feet and was opened in April 2015. A short film was made about the park, called The Barefoot Skateboarders. In March 2017, she founded the Rural Change-makers of Janwaar.


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