ALOK AHAAR SEVA is an initiative to manifest the ideology of food as fuel for Revolution. In Alok Ahaar Seva we have developed a nutritive meal in consultation with nutritionist and diet experts. And we provide this meal at a price of Rs.5/- everyday.
On special occasions we arrange food for children free of cost. The cause is crowd funded by some socially responsible people in the city and state. Scheme was launched on July 27th this year; within 15 days of its start the initiative has already Fed 1500 hungry mouths and malnourished children. With that response Alok Ahaar Seva wishes to eradicate the food Gap and malnourishment in the society in years to come.
We are running an awareness drive across India with different teams to educate student’s muses and general public about industrial disasters, women upliftment, child rights, malnutrition & Bhopal Gas Tragedy.


15 August Report: Write up + Photo/video
Paper Cutting

26 Jan Report: Write up + Photo/Video
Paper Cutting

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